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Wednesday, June 29, 2011 , Posted by Anugrah Narain at 4:41 AM

Mobile phones are growing rapidly all over the world. From a labor to a businessman, everyone has a mobile, whether it’s a High Tech mobile or a normal mobile. People use mobile phones for different works. The network operators are also providing various services, like JokesCricket score by SMS at a cost. But, here I am going to give you a site where you can join others’ SMS channles, in which you will get free jokes, health tips everything for free on your mobile phone. You can even create your own SMS channel and others can also join it. Bloggers can join this service to send their blog feeds to the subscribers via SMS

"Google Labs SMS Channels" is a only way to Create free SMSchannel for the poor or normal bloggers who can't afford to go for premium. Here are the steps to create your own SMS channel.

Create Free SMS Channel With Google Labs SMS Channels: -

1.   First of all, Go to and login with your Google account credentials.
2.   After successfully logging in, you will see the main page where you can browse to others’ channels. Now, at the right side, you will see a box saying “Create your own channel”. Just click on “Try Now” link.

3.   Now, you will see the Create SMS channel page. There will be some fields which you have to fill in order to create the SMSchannel. Fill them with: -

Name: Enter your channel name, like TechListen and click “Check availability”.

Description: Write a short info about what your sms channelis about.

Category: Choose the category in which your sms channel 

Location: Choose your SMS channel location, if you don’t find your location, then click “Other”.

Source: Select the source of your SMS channel, if you have a blog and want to have Feeds via SMS service, then choose “RSS/Atom feed” option. Apart from this source, you can also post messages to your channel either by web or by SMS.

Delivery Schedule: Choose the schedule when your messages should be sent to the subscribers.

Allow publishing by: Choose the option who can publish to your SMS channel.

Who can subscribe: Choose the option who can subscribe to your SMS channel.

4.   Now, after filling all the fields, read the Google SMS channels: Terms of Service and check the “I agree to the terms of service”.

5.   Click “Create channel” button.

Now, your channel has been created successfully. It will take about 24 hours to appear your channel in “My Channels” list. It’s time to give the subscription link to your friends, blog readers !

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