How to Start FACEBOOK Video Chat

Thursday, July 7, 2011 , Posted by Anugrah Narain at 4:27 AM

To start Facebook Video Chat in your system follow this simple instruction.

1. Download a small set up for Facebook Video Chat Plug in.

2. To download this set up click on the mentioned link below.

Copy this link and paste in your address bar.

3. Run this set up in your system.

4. This will install Facebook Video Chat Plug-in your system.It usually take some times.

5. Once you done with these you are now able to start Facebook Video Chat.

6. To chat with your friend start as you done with text chat,Here you get new option at the top of your friends pop window "Start a Video call" click on that option.

7. You will get another pop up mentioning that "Video will start as soon as your_friend's_name answers...".

8. Here you done.

9. Enjoy this new feature of facebook its really good and fast.

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