Trick to get Special offers on your Number

Saturday, July 2, 2011 , Posted by Anugrah Narain at 1:33 AM

After the Grand Launch of Mobile number portability in India , Sim card Providers are struggling to keep their Customers from moving to another Company.

Do you know what is their first step which companies’ now days are taking to avoid their customer planning to jump away from them?

Its nothing but giving them a good offer when their customer try to move away from them, so that the customer feel comfortable with them, At least for few weeks.

So if you want an extraordinary offer on your number, like free calls,Double Talk Timefree minutesfree internet etc. Just do one thing, Make your company afraid by acting like you want to move to other company!
If you want to move to any other service provider you need to get a Porting code by sending an sms as PORT “Mobile Number” to 1900. 

Please replace "mobile number" with your mobile number.
For example PORT 9889823167 and send it to 1900
msg is costly 60 paise.

So as soon as you send this message, your present service provider will get the notification, and their automated server immediately allot you an conformation massage. Now company sent you offer sms or you receive call from customer care within 24 – 48 hour & they tell you nice offer to don’t move away from them.

NOTE: - I use this tricks on DOCOMO & receive call fromcustomer care within 24 hour with Double Talk Time Offer.

Now follow the instruction sent to you and enjoy the offer. You need not worry about the request you made for the porting code. Because it will expire within 15 days. So you can stat blackmailing your company back again after 15 days to get a new offer.

This working Trick works fine in almost all network providers likeDocomoAirtelVodafone etc.
It depends on three things: -
  • Your number must be 3 months older
  • You must not have much balance (say 250 for ex)
  • You must at least used  50 rupee in last month

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