SEO (Part 3) : List of Search Engines

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 , Posted by Anugrah Narain at 6:17 AM

Here are the list of Web search engines.


Visit - Webmasters can insert Aesop meta tags into their pages which will cause up to 6 icons to appear next to their listings within the Aesop search results. The icons indicate whether the site features (1) sales, (2) interactive, (3) multimedia, (4) links, (5) personal, or (6) information. | Free Site Submission
Visit Alexa - Alexa presents Google search results with additional data about each site listed, including traffic rankings, user reviews, thumbnail previews, and contact information. The traffic information is gleaned from users of the Alexa toolbar, which is offered freely to visitors of Some search results are accompanied by thumbnail images gathered by the Alexa robot, ia_archiver. You can request a visit from the Alexa robot.| Free Site Submission
Visit AllTheWeb - AllTheWeb features basic, advanced, and customized Web search, as well as special search capabilities for news, pictures, video, audio, and FTP files. It is a global search engine and has indexed in excess of 3 billion Web pages. | AllTheWeb Analysis | Free Site Submission
Visit AltaVista - AltaVista got its start right about the time we did, way back at the end of 1995. It has seen it's ups and downs, but has pretty consistently held its own as one of the major players in the search engine arena. One of AltaVista's more interesting features is its Babel Fish Translation service, where you can translate text or Web pages. AltaVista also offers a free browser toolbar, which you can download from the home page. | AltaVista Analysis | Free Site Submission
Visit Amfibi - Amfibi is a clean search engine which also offers a branded version of The Open Directory. | Free Site Submission
Visit AOL Search - AOL uses Google as its search engine and the Open Directory as its Web directory. | AOL Search Analysis | Free Site Submission
Visit Ask Jeeves - The theory is that you can type in a normal old-fashioned English question into the Ask Jeeves search box, and Jeeves (the butler) will answer it. The reality is that Ask Jeeves uses technology developed by the makers of Teoma, which Ask Jeeves purchased in September, 2001. Ask Jeeves enables you to search the Web in general, or to search for pictures, news, or products, and offers a free browser toolbar which you can download from the home page.| Ask Jeeves Analysis | No Free Site Submission
Visit BBCi - BBCi search is based on Google search, but the results are modified to give a boost to sites with a UK orientation and are filtered to remove adult content. | Free Site Submission
Visit Gigablast - Gigablast was just launched in late 2002. It features a rapidly-expanding database of web pages. When you submit your site, it is immediately added to the database. | Free Site Submission
Visit Google - If you absolutely need information, and you need it right now, start with Google. Google will index practically any kind of file that a webmaster can put on the Web, and it has the hands-down best and fastest search engine. Google also offers a slew of free tools and features, including a downloadable browser toolbar, desktop search software (so you can search without even using a browser), a shopping search engine, a Q&A forum, a catalog search, image search, news search, a translation service, and much more.

Visit - The default search for HotBot is provided by Inktomi, but you can also search Lycos, Google, and Ask Jeeves from HotBot. | HotBot Analysis | No Free Site Submission
Visit IWon - IWon results are provided by Google. | IWon Analysis | Free Site Submission
Visit Lycos - Lycos web results are provided by Alltheweb. | Lycos Analysis | Free Site Submission
Visit MSN Search - MSN for years relied on deals with other search engines (Inktomi) and directories (LookSmart) to provide web search on its portal site, but has recently made the decision to build its own search engine and launch it beginning in January, 2004. | MSN Search Analysis | Free Site Submission
Visit Netscape - Netscape uses Google as its search engine and the Open Directory as its Web directory. | Netscape Analysis | Free Site Submission
Visit Recall - Recall, also known as the Way Back Machine, is a searchable archive of the Internet dating back to 1996. It indexes over 11 billion pages. You can search for a term, and see how the interest in that term waxes and wanes over time by comparing the volume of data available over time. | No Free Site Submission
Visit Start - Natural-language Web-based question answering system developed by the InfoLab Group at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. It's hit-or-miss, but polite. | No Free Site Submission
Visit Teoma - Teoma is a relatively new search engine which was purchased by Ask Jeeves in September, 2001. It provides highly relevant results, but does not offer a free add URL feature. If you are patient, its spider will eventually find your site. Teoma offers a free browser toolbar, enabling you to search Teoma right from your browser, no matter where you are. | Teoma Analysis | No Free Site Submission
Visit - Search engine which shares its database with, which is a modified version of The Open Directory. | Free Site Submission
Visit WebCrawler - At this point, WebCrawler is a meta search engine heavily dominated by pay-per-click ads. | Webcrawler Analysis | No Free Site Submission
Visit Wotbox - One of the many smaller search engines, but with a fast interface. | Free Site Submission
Visit Yahoo! - Yahoo isn't really a search engine or a directory. It's a portal. But it is one of the most frequently searched sites on the Web, so it must be included. In the beginning, Yahoo! search was based on the sites listed in the Yahoo! directory. In October of 2002, Yahoo! made a deal with Google enabling Yahoo! to give its visitors Yahoo!-branded pure Google search. Recently, Yahoo! has purchased Overture (which owns AltaVista and the web search unit of AllTheWeb) and Inktomi, and is preparing to alter the way it delivers search. | Yahoo! Analysis | Free Site Submission

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